Friday, 30 January 2015

Three keys to successful direct mail campaigns - Part One

Did you know that the success of a fundraising appeal is decided before you sit down to write your letter? -  In fact, it is decided during the crucial planning phase when you and your team determine the target audience/s, the fundraising proposition and the creative direction of the appeal.

Regardless of how compelling your stories are or how innovative your project may be, writing a good letter is not likely to bring in the money without proper planning.

The first key to success: Getting your audience/s right!

Selecting the right audience, or in other words, the right segments of the database you are mailing your letter to, is critical to fundraising success.

You can write an average fundraising appeal but if you select the right audience/s then you have a fighting chance at reaching your appeal goals.

But, get the audience/s wrong, and even if you send them the most beautifully written and designed letter, you are likely to fail.

Come along to our Hitting the Spot with Direct Mail workshop to find out how to identify the database segments or audience/s that are most likely to respond to your fundraising appeals, as well as those who are less likely to do so.

At our upcoming fundraising workshop on the 23rd February 2015 we will share some simple steps for doing effective audience segmentation and show you how to improve the ROI's of your fundraising appeal.

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