Tuesday, 20 July 2010

What constitutes good content for charity websites?

What kind of content should a charity include in their website?

If you are looking to re-vamp your charity’s website or even start from scratch you might want to have a look at Internet for Nonprofits Management, a new book published by Wiley containing some excellent insights and strategies for online fundraising and marketing.

Here is a brief list of good content ideas that online visitors who might know nothing about your work would want to see on a charity website:

• Home page

• Mission and vision statements

• Services and programmes

• Goals

• What's new

• Past accomplishments

• Brief history

• Issues or causes your charity addresses

• Message from the CEO

• Press releases

• Past and future events

• Urgent action alerts

• Testimonials from beneficiaries and donors too

• Photo album

• Endorsements or awards

• Donor hall of fame (maybe this is more a US than a UK thing)

• Privacy and security policy

• Annual report / review

• Project outlines/ other key documents to download

• How your charity can help

• Frequently asked questions

• Links

• Staff list and bios

• Board list and bios

• Contact information

• How to donate

How does your website measures up to the good website content list?

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