Friday, 21 August 2009

What are people tweeting about? Hmmm.... pointless babble apparently

The general wisdom that Tweeter is great for conversations and self-promotions has been apparently overturned by a recent survey from Pear Analytics' study of Tweeter's timeline.

According to a recent news item in e-marketer daily Pear Analytics placed each tweet in six categories and found that:

40.55% of tweets were pointless babble like 'I am sitting in the sunshine' or 'I am eating sandwiches now'

37.59% of tweets were conversational

8.70% were pass along values - re-tweets spreading the news about something or another

5.85% was self promotion

and less than 4% was news

Interesting stuff indeed... I wonder which charities messages made it to the news or pass along values percentages?

People tend to pass along values and share news on Mondays and Wednesdays apparently - according to this research these are the days when the tweets in the above mentioned categories make up 10% of the tweets for those days...

And happy tweeting - but if you want to find out what I am up to you will have to use that old fashion object called a phone....

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